My five-year-old daughter and our 11-month-old puppy

Priya and Sasha … happily tired after playing with one another.

I must have been mad. Actually, let’s be honest. I was mad. How could I, a career woman, an adult with brains, agree to take on an 8-week old puppy with a four-year-old daughter at home?
Well, mad and STUPID I would say! And don’t forget to take into account a husband who behaves more like a teenager than a father.
So, in a rather stupid fashion I gave in to: “I have always wanted to have a dog” whine from the husband.
Why you may ask. Well, for one, I am a firm believer that when you really, really, really want something, get it.
Of course, it was the husband who wanted the dog. And now, we all pay for the decision – my decision!
After 9 months of pain, dog pee, and all the other crap that comes with it, the husband is still very much in love with Sasha – the dog, not the daughter.
It is touching to see him cuddle the dog, talk to her, brush her, feed her and even watch TV with her.
There is however one big problem. The husband does all these with Sasha … forgetting that the daughter and the wife are actually around!
When I gently remind him that he is ‘neglecting’ the daughter, he gives me that look and then walks away. “Of course not, ” comes the curt reply.
He claims not to know how to comb the daughter’s hair or even remove a hair-band. But he brushes Sasha for hours. He does not know what food to pack for the daughter but he knows the treats that Sasha loves.
A few weeks ago, on seeing him cuddling Sasha, I puckered my lips in the hope of some affection. He looked at me rather scornfully, landed a respectful smack on my lips and then said: “Just remember, Sasha just gave me a kiss on the lips …”
It has been a while since I have asked for a kiss from him.

No competition
Priya and Sasha love playing with one another. I have been keeping a watchful eye on them. More because of the daughter. The poor little dog has no voice, and the only way she reacts is to bite or growl. And my little one thinks growling is ‘play talk’, So she growls and snarls back instead of stepping back in utter fear as most people would do.
But the both of them have come to an understanding of sorts. Sasha has come to accept the daughter’s behaviour. And if she does not like it, she runs and hides.
And my daughter has learned how to accept Sasha. If Sasha runs and hides, she runs after her and gives her lots and lots of cuddles. It is no wonder that Sasha loves it when it is bedtime for Priya!

Toilet – daughter and dog
So what happened this morning? Priya had gymnastics before school and we were all in a huge rush to get out the door.
After breakfast, I told her to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth. After cleaning up the breakfast room I entered the downstairs toilet to find the daughter and the dog in the little room …. Needless to say the dog bolted the minute I opened the door.
And what was Priya doing? She had a very, very wet … dripping on the floor, wet towel in her hands. My little monkey had wet the towel and was trying to ‘clean up’ Sasha.
God … and it is only Tuesday!


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Like many others, I am a lost soul. In this day and age, with social media overtaking everything ... we are all on a different journey in search of answers we may never find in this life
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